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Mantsha Pheeha




Background 1

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Background 2

Mantsha is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She holds a BSc. Chemical Engineering degree from the University of  Witwatersrand. She began her career in the PGM Mining industry as an engineer and has vast experience in Government, Mining, Development Finance, Engineering and Management Consulting and her last stint was as Chief Director for Infrastructure Management and Public Private Partnerships in government. She runs Talent Unleashed, a strategy consulting practice, which is currently supporting Enterprise Development and contributing to the growth of the SMME sector in South Africa.

Background 3

Mantsha runs Talent Unleashed, a Strategy Consulting firm that focuses mainly on Project Management, Strategy and Enterprise Development. This is what essentially provides effective entrepreneurial skills training to those in the corporate world. 


The training for new entrepreneurs will be guided under the leadership of Talent Unleashed, providing teachings with experience in the corporate sector working with multinationals and global clients and this allows us to bring world-class tools to the SMME sector. The tools are customized to assist entrepreneurs at their level, without compromising on quality. This will be provided through various entrepreneurial training methods that Mantsha is confident in. 


Talent Unleashed has served a wide variety of clients including Eskom, Absa, Shanduka Black Umbrellas, Awethu Incubator and the University of Johannesburg Centre for Entrepreneurship. These organisations have allowed us to serve hundreds of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME’s) who are contributing to the growth of our economy. Talent Unleashed works very closely with entrepreneurs to assist them to develop and implement their business strategy and model and they assist corporates with delivery of Enterprise Development Support.

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Background 4

Mantsha has spoken to a number of organisations starting with schools and universities from 1995 to date.



She has evolved from speaking exclusively to students and to speaking to corporates, governments in and outside of South Africa, schools and tertiary institutions (to both students and educators) and she regularly gets featured in the media . She has found enjoyment in being a financial speaker in Johannesburg. 


Certified Speaker

Mantsha is a certified John Maxwell Team speaker and trainer. She delivers leadership content and also gives keynotes based on her books on Vision, Purpose, Overcoming Failure, Growing in your career, Personal Finance and Strategy.


Mantsha has also been featured in the Media, on radio, tv and in print and electronic media. She had been interviewed as a subject matter expert on Finances, Purpose, Vision and Relationships: Hope FM, Kasie FM, Radio Pulpit, Power FM, Mohodi FM, Meragong FM, Thobela FM, Mughana Lonene FM, DSTV Channel 331-1 Gospel, Move Magazine, DSTV Channel 340- Dumisa TV, SABC 2, SABC 1- Daily Thetha, ETV and she was a regular contributor to Nunnovation. She has been driven to build a reputation of being a well known female motivational speaker in South Africa.

Background 5

Mantsha is a John Maxwell Certified Coach and she is also a registered member of COMENSA.

She offers coaching for business owners who are involved in entrepreneurship or in the corporate world.


Coaching models are different

Mantsha used different coaching models to assist individuals and groups with achieving their goals. In her capacity as a coach Mantsha has worked with Business leaders to assist in transition and has successfully helped them to get jobs at a higher level or in different industries and roles.


Coaching Approach

Mantsha uses a coaching approach that insists on a finite period of the coaching relationship and she provides her clients with tools to continue with implementation beyond the coaching relationship.

Brands we work with

“Talent unleashed coaching by Mantsha assisted and elevated the success of PhalMosh to be where it it now. From mastering my skills and abilities, building a brand, understanding my customers, setting realistic goals, and conduct myself as aa business woman. You were patient, you understood my background and paid attention to the needs of the business. The coaching instilled confidence in me and made me realise my capabilities. I am a product of Talent Unleashed.”

Pheona Phalane | Young Female Farmer and Entrepreneur

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