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As human beings, we have defined our lives by a standard that celebrates quick success. The media is filled with lists of millionaires below the age of 25 and CEO’s who are barely out of diapers, and we often frown at those who take longer to reach their goals. In ‘Failure is Not Final’, the author introduces you to Joseph, a character in the Bible, whom many of you will be familiar with.

Just like many of us today, Joseph had a dream as a seventeen-year-old. In his dream, he saw that he would rule over his family. What followed Joseph’s dream is a 20-year journey filled with pitfalls, setbacks, betrayal, prison, slavery and accusations. Joseph rose to become the most powerful man in Egypt, managing the entire economic system of that region; and not just his family as he had dreamt.

This book seeks to provide clarity regarding your own personal journey and to assist you to let go of bitterness and unrealistic expectations about what it takes for your dreams to come to pass. Our lives are not a race against time; they are the fulfilment of the purpose and will of God for us. May your journey be led by God, whether you find yourself in a pit, enslaved, in prison or in a palace.

Failure is not Final

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