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How to pray the Word of God is a practical workbook that will help you to kick start your prayer life by using word-based declarations. Most people know the importance of prayer and they understand the need to pray consistently in their private lives but they often do not know how to pray. This book seeks to provide a solution to the Christian who must pray but does not know where to start. The first section of the book teaches on the importance of the bible and the significance of speaking the Word of God in your prayers whereas the second section provides practical word-based confessions and declarations for different prayer needs. The book covers a wide variety of topics and seeks to demonstrate how the word of God is declared, so that the reader can be able to come up with his own word- based declarations. This book is a useful tool for Christian gatherings of any form, to ensure that our meetings do not end without corporate prayer and declaring the word of God, which is a sign of our agreement with God on what He has said about and to us.

How to Pray the Word of God

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