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Finally, “Single and Loving It” is out. As a single woman, nearing forty, I have always desired to read a book that would attempt to deal with some of the issues I face as I live in a world where women approaching forty are expected to be raising children and taking care of husbands. It’s so freeing to know that being single is not a disease to be cured or a curse to be broken.

The world must begin, and has in some way began, to make room for a huge tide of single men and women. These single people provide some of the greatest capacity and capability available to build and contribute positively to our society.

This book will take you through the author’s journey, and that of others, in an attempt to introduce you to the life of the single. This book will entertain, educate, warn and comfort you about the life of the single.

May you enjoy it, discuss it and even contact the author where you don’t agree or agree.

Mantsha Pheeha is the pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa. She has been involved in ministry for the past 20 years as an itinerant speaker. She is the author of “How to pray the Word of God”, “How to realise your Personal Vision”, “Failure is not Final”, “When Jesus comes into your Life”, as well as “Single and loving it”.

Single and Loving It: Fabulous, Content & Whole

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